Dump memories here…

I have decided to start uploading mischevious, happy, ever cute memories of my other half-halves here. I want to share our adventures and all the craziness that goes down!

Amelie stole my microphone!

Amelie stole my mic. She wanted to participate in rehearsal.


Ale’s Miller jersey! He is worth a lot now! @.@


We do not look alike! Please stop saying it so!


Men in uniform. What else can I say. I have always admired my husband for serving his country. ❤


Enjoying a nice bonfire. Relaxing with good friends.


My sissy. So she said she hates pineapple right? Well I made this awesome coolwhip-creamcheese-peacan-pineapple pie and it was soo good this is her second serving! Yeh! Gotcha!



Our Easter day. I realized we are missing another child. But we cant help it when there are candy filled eggs to hunt…which he was looking for!

That is it! I think i did good summerizing yhe past week or so… i will extend it to our little trip last month! 😀


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