Welcome 2020, right?

A famous British writer named George Orwell once said, “never use a long word when a short one will do”.

I agree with Mr. Orwell, I for one am not that person that uses fancy words, be well versed or have a flair in writing, but I had to start writing my journey at some point. I didn’t want to miss January as my starting point of 2020 to jump into writing, unfortunately I did, dang. Here I am seriously considering taking a writing course to perhaps improve, well, I was never good at any writing course I took in college but maybe improve somewhat on my writing skills. I am actually good at capitalizing my I’s at least; something grammatically good came out of it, right? Anyway, my point is that I wanted to put thoughts out there that maybe someone at least can relate to for any reason or walk in their life. I want to put my experiences out in the internet universe, well because some say online journaling is therapeutic, others believe individuals can rationalize at the point they are at in their life, and well I just believe there is a need for life experiences to be out there because I am not alone in this, who knows. I will not color it pretty or use very sophisticated words, it will be raw, uplifting and deep. I am a bold person(many of you know that) and I intend to keep it that way in the cybernetic world, why not. Transparency is most appreciated here and if there is in fact a need in pointing out something to me, please do so. I also want to talk about the Word by going through a Bible Study I maybe doing at the time or just simply reading a verse to get into a very deep, relational and meaningful conversation. I will not become a religious blog, but God is a big part in my life and my family’s, so He gets to be mentioned here as He deserves.

So let’s do this. Do not worry, I say to myself; it is like riding a bike.

See you soon,


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